How to Safely Ship Fragile Items?

How to Safely Ship Fragile Items?


Shipping fragile items is a very crucial task for the fulfilment centres. Hence it needs to be done carefully with proper planning. To arrive safely at their destinations intact, the precious orders are required to be taken into proper consideration.

Whether you are from a pro ecommerce fulfilment centre or a small one, the gift (in the form of an order) needs to be delivered to your customers safely without any external interruptions.

Navigating Fragility: A Guide to Safely Shipping Fragile Items

1. Choose the Right Box

Start with an appropriate box considering the size and weight of the item. Make sure that there's enough space left for the cushioning so that the item won't break inside the box. It should stay there smoothly without any problems.

2. Wrap Items Individually

Ensure that you wrap all the fragile items individually. To do so, you can take either bubble wrap, packing paper, or foam in use. Take care of the delicate areas of the fragile items & wrap them with concentration. For extremely fragile items, try double-wrapping them & put them in different boxes separately afterward.

3. Use Cushioning Material

For proper cushioning, fill the empty spaces in the box with packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or air pillows. The ultimate goal here is to create a protective barrier for the fragile items in the box.

4. Reinforce Box Seams

Take special care of the seams. While applying tapes & all, cover the seams properly and make sure there's no source of leakage there. It will make sure that the box of the fragile item remains intact and bears the rigors of shipping.

5. Label Fragile

Labelling "fragile" words over such items would work as a caution for others as well to handle the box more carefully. All the carriers and handlers would be cautioned about the same by doing so. It will reduce the chances of mishandling.

6. Choose the Right Shipping Service

Always go with the fragile items specific shipping services. If not, you can also choose some shipping services that provide insurance coverage for the fragile stuff for ecommerce fulfilment uk.

7. Consider Custom Packaging

Indulge in custom packaging solutions for highly valuable fragile items. Take proper care of them while packaging in terms of seams & cushioning.

8. Double-Box for Added Protection

You can also use double boxes for fragile items to increase the protection.

9. Insure Your Shipment

In addition to these precautions, there are times when accidents can happen. To incorporate those situations, keep the insurance of your fragile items in case of damage caused during transit. Many shipping carriers also provide such kinds of services.

10. Track Your Shipment

Keep proper track of the shipment from your end as well till the moment it gets delivered to the respective customer. Monitor the whole progress & in case the customer mentions the damage to the order, take immediate action & don't let your worthy customers suffer.


Overall, shipping fragile items isn't an easy task, but it is also not that tough when you follow all the possible precautions beforehand. Remember, the extra effort you would put in the shipping would increase the chances of the customer staying at your part & developing a positive experience.

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