How Fulfilment Centres Enhance Delivery Speed?

How Fulfilment Centres Enhance Delivery Speed?

Do you remember the days when people had to wait for so long after ordering something online? For the same reason, many stayed away from online shopping and preferred offline over the former. But today, with the advent of digitalization everywhere, a big revolution has come in online shopping. Today, you can easily receive your parcel in a few days after ordering online. Have you ever thought about the hands behind this? Who's getting all this done in this short time? They are none other than the ‘fulfilment centres.’

In this blog post, we will learn more about how these fulfilment centres have bridged the gap between online shopping and fast deliveries.


Location, Location, Location

 The most favourable part of the fulfilment centres is that they are located worldwide. Let's say you order from your location and there's no fulfilment centre in your city/ state, how is it possible for the order to reach you quickly? To sort this problem out, fulfilment centres are available today almost everywhere. As a result, they increase the delivery speed of online orders.


Inventory Management Mastermind

 Those days are also gone when the ecommerce fulfilment centres had to keep a lot of labour to manage inventory. Today, there are so many technologies available that can help track the stocks in real-time quickly. As a result, the previous time of the fulfilment centres gets saved here. And, your order's delivery speed gets faster.


Picking & Packing Powerhouse

Today, the fulfilment centres have advanced technologies such as barcode scanners and warehouse management systems (WMS). With the help of these, they can easily process the picking and packing of the orders. Earlier, when these technologies weren't available, everything had to be done manually. The employees of the fulfilment centres had to note down the order no., product, item no., and other relevant info by hand. But today, they have printers to do the same work quickly and that too in a quite efficient manner. The chances of mistakes have also decreased with these technologies. As a result, crucial time gets saved and the fulfilment centres make sure that they provide fast delivery.


Shipping Efficiency

The fulfilment centres have strong partnerships with varied shipping partners. With the help of the latter, they make sure that no orders get delayed. Many fulfilment centres also provide multi-carrier shipping options to online customers. They can choose accordingly based on their requirements to reduce the delivery time.


Benefits Beyond Speed

 Also, it's not just about delivering your orders quickly, the fulfilment centres provide value to your lives as well. They ensure customer satisfaction. They keep a streamlined chain of order processing so that the end customer doesn't get disturbed.



Overall, the ecommerce fulfilment service are those hands that are working dedicatedly to get your orders delivered as soon as possible. The kind of online experience and satisfaction you are experiencing today as an online buyer is a gift from various fulfilment centres. So, let us thank them all today for working hard in the background to let us receive our online gifts quickly.